Tiny House Movement


What is Tiny House?

Tiny house is the new concept of sustainable living which provides more freedom to do desired things in life with least effect on natural resources. The freedom world used in this concept because it provide the opportunity to live debt free. Debt is the major cause of modern stressful life. It insist the civil society to acquire modern slavery life where a citizen has to spend most of the lifetime at work to meet both ends.

The believer of Tiny House concept do not believe to live a materialistic life with NEVER ENOUGH philosophy. The community of believer is increasing so rapidly and now it is becoming a huge tiny house movement. The follower has philosophy to live a healthy, natural life with less debt, stress, material and negative environmental effects but more freedom to travel, creativity, sustainable natural life and spread the harmony with fellow Earth residents including other species.

Sometimes the biggest ideas come in the smallest packages. Really small packages. Thanks for instance of a house so small that it fits within the footprint of a parking space. Totally crazy.  Right? But the truth is more and more Americans are choosing to live in tiny houses built on trailers. With our economy still reeling and our natural resources running out maybe it isn’t so strange after all have a house that’s mobile. And cost nearly nothing to maintain.

I’ve been involved in the tiny house community for over a year now and I dream of building my own house someday today I’m going to talk a little bit about what tiny houses are. Why they’re becoming so popular and how they can offer three prices ways that they can change your life for the better. Delve into that I want to talk a little bit about how I became so enchanted by these little houses.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit. That when I was a child I was a little bit weird. I had this really funny fascination with housing and the places people let first I wanted to live in a wigwam. Then I wanted to live in a boat, and in a tree house. Going to open houses with my mom was one of my favorite ways to spend a Sunday afternoon. I would hoard my dad’s copies of fine home building and pour over them for hours.

And I would even drop floor plans of fantasy houses I wanted to build which always included a big library but the secret passageway behind one of the bookcases it was my biggest dream to build a house fast forward.

To last year, I’m about to start my final year of college. And I’m worried about finding a job after I graduate. I’m worried that my liberal arts degree will be enough to help me pay for my student loans and keep a roof over my head. Until one day, I found this YouTube video of a guy giving a towards eighty-nine square foot home on a trailer. And that’s when it hit me. This could be the answer to both my worries and my dreams.

What Is A Tiny House?

So what exactly is a tiny house? Generally, when people use this term nowadays they’re referring to small mobile houses. Built on travel trailers, they’re basically like full-size houses but shrunk down to a much smaller size. This is because in order to tell a tiny house down the highway without needing a special permit it has to fit within certain maximum size requirements so it’s tiny house can be no wider than eight and a half wide and no taller than thirteen and a half feet. The life is a little more flexible so to give you guys some perspective thought of your average school bus that’s going to. Measure it forty feet long. A tiny house, on the other hand, will usually measure between ten and twenty-four feet long.

This one up here is. Twelve-feet long tiny house. But with a super tiny space tiny house dwellers enjoy. All the comforts of home kitchen, bathroom, sleeping area, living space and storage. Everything you could need. How is this possible? How can something the size of some people walk in closets how does a person or more than one person and accommodate all of their daily needs?

Well first of all tiny houses are designed to utilize every square inch of space as efficiently as possible. Also, tiny houses borrow their utilities. From the RV and boating industry are industries make everything from. Heaters to wood stoves to kitchen ranges. Portable water tank solar electric raising even composting toilets that work really well in a tiny house setting.

This is an example of a tiny house bathroom you have a really compact. Shower tub combo and a water-saving flush toilet. You might be wondering why did not you just buy an RV? Well that’s a really good question. I mean, after all, Arby’s are cheaper than your average tiny house which according to a survey conducted by Brian Mitchell of the blog the tiny light: average RV will cost about Twenty-three thousand dollars to build also you can buy an RV at any time.

The Difference Between RV’s And The Tiny House

There are many differences between RVs and the tiny homes. The main reason is, the tiny homes RV’s are meant for temporary seasonal living. They’re designed to be really lights really are dynamic so you can take them down the highway all the time. RV’s also meant to be lived in during the warm summer months this means that they’re not super strong and they’re not super insulated as a tiny house.

On the other hand, a tiny house is meant for full time living and has to be built to last for decades. So tiny houses are framed like normal houses with wood or even steal and they’re bolted really securely to the trailer so that they can handle hurricane force winds while you took the tower down the highway. Tiny homes are also fully insulated to deal with the cold winter temperatures as well. But tiny houses are not aerodynamic at all. They are big heavy boxes essentially and they’re meant to be. Once they are moved to a certain location, they will be placed there for a long time. You can move it if need be.

Another difference is the customization. RV’s are built for everyone. It means that they’re really built for nobody in particular but tiny houses you can customize to fit your own certain specific Needs. Let’s say you have a lot of computer equipment or you need space to store your snowboarding gear. Or you want to have space for friends to come to visit you in your tiny house you can do all of that. You can also adapt to your personal style this house.

For instance, a tiny house was built by Christopher Smith and read Mueller who live in their tiny house in Colorado and they designed theirs to have a really nice cozy ski lodge feeling. This tiny house was built by Macy Miller who lives in Idaho. She went with a much sleeker. A contemporary look for her tiny house. Another house was built for only eleven thousand dollars.

Isn’t my tiny house plans so far. They change all the time. So nothing’s final. But I really want to put a miniature walk-in closet in my tiny house. Also in terms of aesthetics alone. I think most people would prefer to live in something a little. Prettier than your average RV.

Some of you might be thinking about, how the hell is these things legal good question. Put something that’s small on a permanent foundation on your own land is going to be flat out illegal in most states but want to lift it up and put it on wheels. And the lines get a little bit fuzzy. That’s when they’re considered to be more like RV’s or travel trailers. So what a lot of people do is they’ll part. My friend or family property or you can pay rent to someone to stay on their land or exchange services like yard work or tending to an elderly neighbor. Or some campgrounds will even let you camp sees only or even year round. Would you say that you can’t live in a tiny house full time which makes things kind of difficult sometimes for people who live in big houses?

The Tiny House Movement

The tiny house movement is growing. Cities like Portland Oregon and Charlotte North Carolina are becoming tiny house hot spots which draw tourism and new residents to those areas there’s also a growing tiny house industry of builders architects consultants. It would be a welcome economic boost to any American community. Some of these companies are even designing tiny house communities where people can come and park their tiny houses with other tiny houses.

Thereby avoid codes. So, It’s maybe. Cities could even use this concept to fill vacant real estate or use as a homelessness solution. So as the tiny house movement grows it brings new possibilities that can carry into the future. Now you might be thinking that this idea is really novel but it’s.

Actually this is not new idea at all. People have been living in small efficient Welling since the dawn of time. Inferences of the Native American teepee, Mongolian York’s throw money Vargo which we commonly call a gypsy wagon or even a hippie bus. But, the idea of assisted living sort of got lost in America with the rise of suburbia. Houses got bigger and bigger and bigger until we ended up with enormous treeless developments of nice mansions.

The according to the U. S. census bureau in 2010, the average American home size was two thousand three hundred ninety-two square feet. That’s a lot of space. But a gentleman named Jay Schaeffer whose video I saw last year, helps change the dialogue in America. He founded the tumbleweed tiny house company in 2002 and his beautiful house designs took the American imagination by storm especially in the wake of the mortgage crisis that happened.

Only a few years afterward, his tiny houses appeared on CNN, ABC, NBC, Oprah and more. Thousands of people across America live in these tiny houses now. More of them are building. Tens of thousands of people are fans of this idea. Like us, in this room, college students and new grads and young professionals working.

What tiny houses offer to us? Well. Something we’re all worried about is finding out fancy grown-up job after graduation. With a tiny house, you can go where the work takes you and move your location very easily. Imagine for instance that you’re too out of college. Your old college roommate, who now lives in Seattle, wants you to help him out with his start-up. So what do you do you have. Connect your house to a truck and go.

Without spouses and kids, to worry about young professionals are at an advantage with a tiny house. They are having increased freedom to switch careers. If you have a job that’s location independence meeting you work from home your location options increased even more in addition to career stability. Tiny homes offer a degree of financial flexibility as.

First when you live in something that’s about five percent the size of an average American home, that does not cost very much money to heat and cool it. D. Williams who lives in Portland, Oregon used to spend three hundred dollars a month on her utility bills before she lives in a tiny house now she only spends eight dollars every month. Living in a tiny house is simply better for your wallet. And the environment, since you’re not spewing tons of greenhouse gases into the air to heat space that you’re really not using.

The Cost Effective Tiny House Life

Tiny houses are also probably the most cost-effective way to have full ownership. If a tiny house costs $23,000 to build yourself or $50k to $60 pay a company to build it for you. That’s definitely not cheap. But, that is nothing compared to buying a full-size house and tying yourself to a 30 years mortgage and if you think about it $23k is about how much you’re going to pay in rent? In a major city like Boston, this is rent for only a year or two. If someday you get married, start a family and want to buy a normal sized house the financial transition will be much easier. You can still keep your tiny house after that.

Get Rid-off The Unnecessary Stuff

You might be thinking that I get the career stuff, I get the financial stuff but I just can’t live in something that small. I have too much stock and It is true. If you will live in a small space then you are going to have to get rid of a lot of your junk. This is an idea that actually scares a lot of people we like our stuff. We like to buy more of it. But the truth is the things we own, have power over us they have the power to keep us rooted in one place. things have the power to drown out our need for human interaction.

More Interaction To The Community

Detach yourself from the things you own. You will find that you’re free from the restrictions they placed on you. Also, when you minimize the things you own then you’re also forced to interact with the world around you. You are forced to go out into the community. So instead of lifting weights at home, you can go to the gym with your friends or instead of collecting thousands of books you can support the local library and instead of staying inside holed up in your house all time.

All the time you can go out and find new hobbies and meet new people. Tiny house forces you out into the world. The world in turn becomes full of possibility. So, for now, my tiny house is still a dream in my head. I have a lot to do before I can build anything. I have to start a savings account and start saving up money. I need to read as many books as I can about tiny house building and design. I need to sell and donate the things I don’t need to the people who need them more than I do.

I need to connect with Tiny houses both locally and across America too. Build my own support network. Tiny houses are what I like to call a gateway dream. If the dream that makes other dreams possible. All I do once I live in a tiny house I build my-self, like travel. Well, I started the business. I perform and make art for a living with a roof over my head that no one can take away from me. All doors are open wide and I would call that an idea worth spreading.

Thank you very much.

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